agent-provocateur is an independent “non-profit-making” project which produces video spots by culturally active people on what is happening in Switzerland today. The spots last between 30 and 90 seconds, can be shown on a TV screen or in cinemas, are on the web ready to download. Spots made by are pointed, independent, provocative commentaries. They are self-explanatory, work for a wide audience in all parts of the country, and make use of analytical sharpness, satirical exaggeration, witty surprise, vitriolic poetry or artistic perspicacity. The traditional agent provocateur stirs things up. In our case culturally competent statements are made that deal with both the political questions of the day and structural and mental ones. promotes public debate.

Datuma AG is behind This company in Zurich defines its activity as helping interesting ideas to be implemented in a socially effective way. Cultural and social projects are their main field of interest. is produced and circulated by Heller Enterprises, Zurich.

START spots will be phased in. They will start to appear in September 2005.

Commissions to the authors are given out by an editorial team which is also responsible for sales.

In order to reach as large an audience as possible, cinema projections are planned as well as announcements via an electronic newsletter. The spots can be looked at in simple resolution on the website downloaded, ordered as a DVD or hired individually for public presentations. In this sense operates as a sort of film service.

The authors selected for the launch are deliberately drawn from different cultural backgrounds in Switzerland: Donatella Bernardi, Jürg Halter, Carla Lia Monti, Gianni Motti, Mike Müller, Chris Niemeyer.

Distributor: Martin Heller, Heller Enterprises
Project management: Juri Steiner, Heller Enterprises
Editorial: Johannes Gees, Martin Heller, Rafael Sommerhalder, Juri Steiner, Maria Tschudi
Web: Johannes Gees, Alain Bellet
Sales: Maria Tschudi, Heller Enterprises
Technical guidance: Rafael Sommerhalder (Bernet & Sommerhalder)
Legal guidance: Jost Huwyler
Online video, colour correction: Patrick Lindenmaier, Andromeda Film, Zurich
Sound mix: Dieter Lengacher, Magnetix, Zurich
Tape to film transfer: Schwarz Film AG, Ostermundigen

Datuma AG (Daniel Meili, Marcel Meili, Martin Meili, Andi Hoppler), Véronique Bacchetta, Wolfgang Bloesche, Frank Braun, Jonas Burki, Bea Cuttat, Mark Divo, Patrick Huber, André Iten, Franz Kasperski, Patrick Lindenmaier, Gerhard Johann Lischka, Peter Röthlisberger, Samir, Christoph Schaub, Annemarie van den Berg.

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